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Training Programs

SIOTO offers you 2 levels of training, basic and advanced, covering common moonwalks to high level slides and interactives. Our training programs should provide you with the knowledge and skills to successfully operate your equipment in the safe standard our industry now demands. The advanced level requires successful completion of the basic level.

We have modified our training program to automate your learning experience. You can now create your personal account at our new training portal, where you will be able to train at your own pace, take your test, and then receive your certificate immediately. You’ll then have earned the right to display the SIOTO seal. Placing these seals on your site lets your customers know they are dealing with a dedicated, safety conscious professional. You can add a link to our site explaining what the seals mean and verifying your commitment to excellence and safety.

Our programs cover preliminary reservation questions, staking requirements, government guidelines, set up procedures and a whole lot more. Whether you’re new or a seasoned veteran, take advantage of our comprehensive programs today and make an impact in the industry.

*If you are taking advantage of the certified operator discounts offered by some insurance companies please make sure you take your certification test a minimum of 15 days prior to your insurance policy renewal date.

Our training is derived from those working within the industry, college educated safety professionals, manufacturers, insurance companies, ASTM, CPSC, NFPA guidelines and more. It is unbiased and very thorough. Contact us if you have any concerns.